Scripture Union Independent Review

We continue to grieve over the serious harm that John Smyth has caused to so many, both in this country and overseas. We welcome proper scrutiny of his actions and of how we and others have responded to them. We strongly believe that the accuracy and credibility of the learning process is paramount for all those who want to learn the truth about what happened.

We are therefore very grateful to Scripture Union for addressing the concerns we raised about significant inaccuracies in the Executive Summary of the review that they commissioned into John Smyth. Scripture Union have published a statement here. We began our discussions with Scripture Union by acknowledging and apologising for our part in the strain that has developed between our two ministries over the years.

As a Christian charity, we are fully committed to transparency, to participating fully in relevant reviews, and to learning from whatever mistakes have been made in the past. We reiterate our absolute commitment to ensuring that the governance of the Titus Trust and the safeguarding of all those entrusted to our care are as good as they can possibly be.

21 June 2021