Vision & Values



Giving young people the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.


Supporting and resourcing Christian teachers and ministry in schools, equipping volunteers and running residential events during school holidays in partnership with the local church and other Christian ministries. 


Maintaining our historical focus on independent schools and considering wider opportunities where others feel we have a contribution to make.


We believe the good news of Jesus is for all people, including those in independent schools, and recognise that it is often hard for local churches to support ministry in boarding schools and those with large geographical catchment areas. We believe that in Jesus there is a model, a motivation and a means for lifelong service of others that is good for individuals, for schools, for families and for wider society.


Our values are shaped by our Christian convictions. In particular, we seek to be…


Our core value deriving from the fact that God is love and calls those who follow him to a life of love.  We seek to love God, honouring him in all that we do, love one another within the Glod/LDN/LR family and love the wider world. Our other values flow from this one. Such care for individuals means we are committed to running holidays which are fun, safe and welcoming for all who attend whilst upholding rigorous safeguarding policies.


Humility before God and with others is a key characteristic which we encourage our volunteer leaders and staff to value, practise and cultivate. This will involve: respecting all those who attend our holidays, regardless of their background, faith or views; valuing each individual for their contribution to the whole; collaborating with others as we listen to and partner with schools, parents, teachers, churches and other organisations; depending on God in all that we do.


We want to be good stewards of everything entrusted to us, including the good news of Jesus.  We endeavour to pass on the truths of the historic Christian faith as laid out in the Bible to the next generation whilst showing its relevance to contemporary life. This teaching affects our actions as well as our words and so, to maintain our trustworthiness, we aim to be people of integrity in all that we do.


Our Christian faith leads to an infectious enthusiasm for serving young people which comes across in our holidays which are hallmarked by laughter and fun. The young people, whatever their faith or background, often describe our holidays as a highlight of their year and feedback from parents is overwhelmingly positive.


Following the example of Jesus, we want to serve others, modelling lives of service at our holidays and through our work in schools, as well as our year-round support of teachers, volunteer leaders and assistant leaders.  We long to enable everyone involved to serve beyond our holidays into their lives ahead, across the world.