John Smyth

Documents relating to the Titus Trust’s response to John Smyth’s abuse

We believe that it is vital for the truth to be made known in a case like this and that this is especially important for those who have suffered so much harm. So in the interests of seeking to be wholly transparent about the role and actions of the Trust during the period in question, and given the delay in the publication of Keith Makin’s review, we are now publishing a timeline showing when the Trust became aware of John Smyth’s actions, how much we knew and how we responded. We are also providing answers to questions and allegations that have been raised about these matters in this document. It is our prayer that this will be helpful to all who have been involved in this tragic case.

Titus Trust Trustees – August 2021

The Trust’s action with respect to Jonathan Fletcher

The Trust had said when publishing this timeline (referred to at 2 Feb 2017) that it would make a further statement relating to the Trust’s action with respect to Jonathan Fletcher in due course. The trustees consider that the Culture Review (undertaken by thirtyone:eight and published in Dec 2021) has provided this information and it can be read here (the relevant pages are 82-85).