Jonathan Fletcher

Message from the Titus Trust Trustees following publication of the independent Lessons Learned Review by thirtyone:eight concerning Jonathan Fletcher and Emmanuel Church Wimbledon

We are profoundly shocked and saddened by the abuse and pain that many have suffered at the hands of Jonathan Fletcher over a number of years, as carefully described in this report.

While he never served as a staff member or trustee, Jonathan Fletcher was an influential leader on Iwerne Holidays for many years. It is therefore very distressing to hear how he used this opportunity and influence to develop relationships with young men, some of whom later attended Emmanuel Church, who became subject to awful abuse from him. We are profoundly sorry that he was able to do this and our hearts go out to all his victims.

We will consider the findings of the report carefully, mindful of the important issues of culture it raises, which require both self-reflection and change.

It was hearing some of these distressing allegations about Jonathan Fletcher that first prompted us to commission thirtyone:eight to carry out our own Culture Review.  Although the culture at Iwerne had changed significantly over the years before it closed last year, we are absolutely committed to ensuring a safe, secure and healthy environment for everyone who attends our events and so would warmly encourage anyone who wants to contribute to do so by contacting

We also wish to help all those victims of Jonathan Fletcher who met him through Iwerne Holidays and we have communicated our willingness to contribute to the co-ordinated provision of support being provided if this would be welcomed.  We would therefore strongly encourage anyone who has any other concerns related to Jonathan Fletcher’s involvement in Iwerne Holidays to raise them via the independent helpline run by thirtyone:eight on 0303 003 1111.

23 March 2021

Note: The Titus Trust was formed in 1997 and took over the running of the Iwerne Holidays in 2000.  Jonathan Fletcher was involved before and after this time until 2017.