Leaving a legacy to the Titus Trust

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Leaving a legacy to the Titus Trust

Will you help us share the gospel with future generations by leaving a legacy in your Will?

God’s gracious provision since 2000

Over the years the Titus Trust has been incredibly blessed by the generous provision of God through its supporters, enabling the work to grow and tens of thousands of young people to hear the gospel. Legacies left to the Trust through Wills have played no small role in this.

Legacies are a great way of making a donation, especially for those who do not have much disposable income, but who may own a house or have some other capital left when they die.

Might you consider leaving a legacy to provide for future generations? Perhaps you were led to Christ on camp as a youngster and feel indebted to the work for explaining the good news years ago.

Or maybe you have been a leader on camp for several years and experienced the joy of seeing campers profess faith.

Or perhaps you are a relatively new supporter of the Trust and can see how vital this ministry is in independent schools.

A personal matter

Deciding who will benefit from your estate requires serious thought and prayer. You will want to make appropriate provision for your family. It may be wise to talk through your plans with a loved one and we recommend that you consult a qualified solicitor to draft your Will.

Should you choose to remember the Titus Trust with a legacy we would be hugely grateful, but please don’t put it off. Many people leave it too late to protect the people they love with an up-to-date Will. If you have already made a Will it is sensible to review this regularly.

How to make a legacy

There are three main ways in which you can make a gift in your Will:

  • A residuary bequest – Leaving a percentage or all of the remainder of your estate once family and friends have been taken care of and all debts cleared. This kind of legacy ensures that your dependants are looked after first and will be certain of keeping its value.
  • A specific or non-monetary bequest – This allows you to leave specified items of value such as jewellery, a car, property and shares. In such cases it is helpful if the Trust is given discretion as to how to proceed with the sale of or use of these items.
  • A pecuniary bequest – Leaving a fixed sum of money. It is worth noting that the amount you decide to leave can be devalued
    by inflation or you may find yourself having to change your Will regularly.

If you already have a Will there is no need to rewrite it. By using a codicil you can add bequests to the existing Will but you should get help from a lawyer to draft one.

How will the Trust use my legacy?

We recognise that leaving a legacy is a great statement of trust in our work and, as with all donations to the Titus Trust, we take our responsibility to be good stewards of your gift very seriously.
To ensure maximum flexibility we would encourage anyone making a legacy to give with no restrictions as to its use, enabling us to use it wherever the need is greatest.

Contact Us

  • If you want to speak further about leaving a legacy please do not hesitate to contact the office
  • If you intend to leave a legacy to the Titus Trust there is no obligation to inform us. However, it would be helpful for our longer term plans if you dropped us a line to let us know.