Titus Trust

Providing Christian activity holidays for children and young people at Independent Schools

Welcome to The Titus Trust

We run Christian activity holidays for students at independent schools, which means people have the chance to engage in kayaking, climbing, go-karting, sailing, laser clay pigeon shooting and a whole host of other activities and fun games whilst also hearing about the Christian faith.

John Smyth

It is deeply regrettable that John Smyth’s death has robbed his victims of the opportunity to see justice done.  Since 2014, when the board of the Titus Trust was informed of the allegations, we have done all we can to ensure the matter is properly investigated by the relevant authorities.  We sympathise deeply with Smyth’s victims and continue to pray that they find healing and freedom from the harm that was so unjustly inflicted on them.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the news of John Smyth’s death.” The Titus Trust, 13/8/18

We make sure that the Christian message is delivered in an age appropriate way and is offered in such a manner that people are free to engage at the level which best suits them.

For some this might be introductory, whilst others may wish to explore their faith at a deeper level, both are possible and it is up to the individual to decide which they would like to pursue.

We deliver our activities through four Camp Groups, they have different geographies and each one is slightly different in its approach and style.